General Guidelines for the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne

Last updated: Tuesday 10 November 12.00pm

The following Guidelines are approved by Most Rev Peter A Comensoli, Archbishop of Melbourne, to assist Clergy and Faithful with questions pertaining to specific areas of liturgy and ministry in the Archdiocese of Melbourne during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Parity for all: People of faith deserve hope, not exile

Under the current Victorian Roadmap, places of worship remain closed and outdoor religious gatherings have been capped at five (Metropolitan Melbourne) and 20 (regional Victoria). This, despite restaurants and pubs opening for up to 70 patrons outdoors and 20-40 indoors. If there is any health advice claiming indoor worship is a greater risk than indoor activities like eating and drinking in a pub, the government should be transparent with that data. Until we have that data, all people of faith are faced with a significant injustice.

What you can do

People of faith are not asking for special treatment, simply parity across the sectors. We encourage you to exercise your voice on behalf of God’s people in the public square. As with any such ‘raising of the voice’, we do so prudently, never attacking individuals or using language of anger or aggression, but showing boldness and conviction about what is ultimately reasonable and fair. Please:

  • Call your local State Member of Parliament
  • Encourage your people to call their local Member
  • Follow up a call with a letter to your local Member of Parliament
  • Use this letter template as a helpful guide for you and your parishioners.
  • Personalising letters or hand writing them is always encouraged.

Find your local Member of Parliament here

Use the link above to find your local Member. Simply enter your postcode on the website and then click on the link for ‘Find Member’. There you will see the relevant email address to add to your letter.


Caring for our community

Our health services and support are doing incredible work at present to bring care to those ill with COVID-19, and in protecting and caring for our most vulnerable and their families in aged-care, hospital and disability services. Please continue to keep them in your prayers at this time.


Please contact the COVID Hotline:

Phone: (03) 9926 2469


A Prayer to St Joseph, the Great Protector

St Joseph,

You were receptive to God working in your life.
Help us by your prayers at this time of trial.

You kept Jesus and Mary under your watchful care:
may your prayers assist our local Church to respond to those in need.

You taught the Christ Child your trade and prayers:
help us to follow his example of love.

You were part of God’s plan for all humanity:
assist us to be vigilant and responsible this day.

You spent your life in service:
may we be mindful of others, particularly the elderly and vulnerable, caring for them in these difficult days.

You trusted in the clear primacy of God over all history and every situation: help us to grow in faith and pray to the Father, Thy will be done.