Child safety training


The Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne (CAM) is committed to supporting clergy, employees and volunteers to develop the skills and knowledge to promote the safety of children and young people and uphold their responsibilities in relation to the Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy. Parishes, agencies and entities are required to record and maintain records of training undertaken by clergy, employee and volunteer.

“The Australian Human Rights Commission argued that one of the greatest risk factors for the harm or abuse of children is the lack of awareness about it among an institution’s staff and volunteers”. (Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Interim Report 2015)

Safeguarding Essentials (compulsory annually)

All clergy, employees and volunteers working or in ministry across CAM are required to complete a compulsory Safeguarding Essentials online program (approximately 30 minutes) upon commencement and on an annual basis. This training is designed to provide foundational knowledge to:

  • understand our duty of care in relation to safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable persons across the Archdiocese
  • identify behaviour that constitutes child abuse or neglect including grooming
  • understand the indicators of abuse
  • respond to and report allegations or concerns regarding abuse.

Please note: The completion of online training may pose challenges for volunteers without access to a computer and those who do not feel confident using technology. It may helpful to host an assisted session and work with volunteers to complete the online training as a group.

Working Safely with Children and Young People (compulsory requirement for those working with or in specific ministry with children and young people)

In addition, clergy, employees and volunteers whose roles involve work or specific ministry with children and young people, will be required to complete the Working with Children and Young People Safely online training module upon commencement and every three (3) years. This training is designed to provide additional knowledge about:

  • conducting safe programs
  • role boundaries
  • risk assessment in relation to child safety
  • practice and behavioural guidelines
  • empowering children and young people.

Safeguarding Training Series (optional)
Regular training and development opportunities will be provided for clergy, employees and volunteers with a specific role in relation to child safety within their parish, agency and entity. This training program will include a number of key topics that will assist parishes, agencies and entities to embed child safety within their context consistent with the requirements of the Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy.

Relevant topics:

  • child safety risk management
  • conducting safe programs
  • child safe selection, recruitment and management of personnel
  • empowering children and young people
  • involving parents/guardians
  • safety in online environments
  • problematic sexual behaviour of children and young people
  • bullying
  • promoting cultural safety and inclusion
  • responding to reports, complaints and allegations of child safety related misconduct and/or child abuse.

Training will be offered face to face in group settings and also online e.g. videos, podcasts.

Training Videos