Melbourne Diocesan Historical Commission (MDHC)


Melbourne Diocesan Historical Commission

The Melbourne Diocesan Historical Commission (MDHC) holds records regarding the administration of the Archdiocese.
It holds general material about Melbourne parishes and about some Catholic Agencies and Institutions.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne website is currently being redeveloped and as such, some resources from the Melbourne Diocesan Historical Commission are not available online. If what you are looking for is not available below, please contact our Archivist, Rachel Naughton.

PO Box 146
East Melbourne VIC 3002

Ph: 03 9926 5677
Fax: 03 9926 5617

Ms Rachel Naughton (Archivist)

Journal of the Melbourne Diocesan Historical Commission 

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For all matters relating to Footprints, please contact:

Footprints MDHC
PO Box 146
East Melbourne VIC 8002

Previous editions:

The Goold Catholic Museum
Museum of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne
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MDHC Summary of & Index to The Advocate (1868 – 1990)
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The Diary of James Alipius Goold OSA – 1848 – 1886
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The Diary John Thomas Hynes OP – 1842 – 1868
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MDHC Summary of & Index of the Advocate 1868 -1990 – Compiled by Father Kevin Hannan
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Goold Library Inventory: Publication dates 1599 – 1865
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Goold Expenditure Ledger 1870 – 1886
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Catholic School Board / Catholic Education Committee 1860 – 1886
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Ireland Will Be Free